Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is the coastline from Playa del Carmen in the North down to the South to Tulum being at the Caribbean Side of Mexico.

We start all our activities from Playa del Carmen. The former little fishing village has experienced an incredible growth over the last years and is now the heart of the Riviera Maya where you can organise very comfortably all your tours and excursions.

The distance to the international airport of Cancun is about 45 min and makes arrival and departure easy but the stay very relaxing.

The weather is moderately tropical with high humidity and lowest temperatures of 18°celsius (65° F) in winter and about 32° C (90 °F) in summer. Nights in winter can be quite chilly. Playa del Carmen is situated in the tropical hurricane belt which could mean tropical storms in the period from June to October.

Quintana Roo has adjusted him time zone in 2015 to the Eastern Standard Time and is UTC-5. Please watch for the news in early 2016 if we have also Daylight Savings Time or will remain in EST.

Besides diving one can find old Mayan culture as well as gorgeous  towns from the times of the Spaniards colonising the Yucatan Peninsula in close neighbourhood to unspoiled nature. All this sets a contrast to the well-known picture of the Caribbean.

Please let us know how we can assist with any further information about the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, your holiday destination to be soon.

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