Recreational Diving Courses

If you have decided to take a course with us, you have decided to start an extraordinary diving adventure. We offer all courses based on the following principles: not minimalistic, but a maximum of training, fun, adventure, safety. Our prices are not easily to be compared with other diving operators, but if you look up the various prices for each module, you will see that also our prices are very competitive.

We offer all recreational diving courses according to the standards of PADI as well as first aid courses according to DAN and EFR.

Diving activities for beginners resp. for recreational diving will take place in the ocean. In some cases we can use special cenotes that have a big open water area for our courses.

The water temperature is the whole year between 24°-29°C in the ocean (75°-84° F) with the warmest temperatures in July through September. Personally, I use a 5mm suit with hood in the oean and only in summer a thick shorty with integrated hood.

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