Playa del Carmen

The town’s streets are created very symmetrical and you can find up-to-date town maps in many public places for free.

Restaurants: a huge variety of international kitchen and Mexican specialties in every price range.

5a Avenida: shopping area and pedestrian zone

New 5th Avenue: this is from Avenida Constituyentes in direction North and you find there many bars, restaurants and cafes with flair.Playa_Dining

30a Avenida: many good taquerias, it starts to become more and more Mexica there.

Playa, the beach: is public and the city starts right there.

Playacar: the Hotel area with many All-inclusive Resort and only few minutes away from downtown.

Taxi: unfortunately it happens very often that the taxi drivers are unfriendly and arrogant and this is the reason, why I avoid to use a taxi. Ask for the price before you get into the taxi, there are official rates and have small money as the drivers notoriously lack change.

Safety: All areas that the normal tourist can reach are safe (also for women), however, I would not want to prank with my great new camera and show my money openly. The social gradient is too high and different classes live close together in close proximity and that may provoke aggression. Never leave your purse/ bag unattended on the beach.

Mentality: Mexican people are very friendly, in fact they are so friendly, that the cannot say No even if they really do not know the directions. I never would rely on the information of one Mexican alone. Other than that, we have here a very relaxed and easy going lifestyle und what cannot be done today, for sure we will find time tomorrow.

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