Open Water Referral Program

OpenWaterReferralIf you are an open water referral student, this is what your schedule may look like very likely (subject to confirmation of course):

Arrival day: check into your hotel and let me know that your arrived sound and safe. We will set up the diving according to your wishes and of course if the weather conditions are ok.

One of the next days: we meet for two ocean dives.

Don’t forget your paperwork and logbook. Please understand that I cannot give you a confirmed meeting time at this moment, as this highly depends on weather conditions, availability of the boats, the distance of your hotel to Playa del Carmen. In any case, we should communicate once your travel plans are clear and I will let you know more information as available and not later than the evening before. In general the boats leave for two subsequent dives and morning dives start at 8:00 am and afternoon dives at noon.

Second diving day: another two ocean dives to complete the open water referral program.

Third diving day: having completed the course you may wish to enroll in other excursions. I will give you my best recommendations after the first diving day, but I highly recommend to add at least another diving day after your certification. You will see, the more time you spend under water, the more you will love it. Not only love it, but you’ll see every time more exciting things, experience more adventure and have more fun.

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