Nitrox Certificate

Diving with EAN (Enriched Air Nitrox) has developped in recent years into the most successful course and is a must for each diver due to the better and safer technical procedures to blend the gas which resulted in a decrease of the prices. The diver may choose to prolong his bottom times in certain depths a lot or reduce accumulation of nitrogen if used with the normal air tables which may be a consideration to increase diver safety when diving with known risk factors such as cold water, exhausing dives because of current or others.

Nitrox_Christine Brigitte UW
I can teach this course according to the standards of PADI or TI and typically I will combine it with 2 dives even if that is not longer required by the training organisations.


1 1/2 days including 2 dives with a gas blend of up to 40% O2 max (we normally use 32%)

All courses are performance and not time based and it is no problem to adapt the schedule to your requirements.

A combination with the PADI AOWD course is a good choice, in total you will need 5 adventure dives and at least 2 of them will be done with EAN. A combiation with other specialties is possible as well without increasing the number of dives.

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