Did you actually know that also the coati loves to live close to humans?

Coatis are relatively closely related with the north American raccoon. They are omnivores that adapt easily to different environments that feed maily from invertebraes like insects, but also lizards and small rodents. A quarter of their food the supplement with fruits and other plants.

The scientific classification has the badger as well as the coati in the oder of Carnivores and the superfamily Canoidea (dog-like), but this is true for many mammals. Badgers belong to the family of the weasels (Mustelidae), Coatis o the other side to the family of the Procyonids (Procyonidae).

The coati that used to live in my former neighborhood and also this family in the picture, is the white-nosed coati (Nasua narica) which you can clearly tell by his looks and also the range and habitat.

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