Since Christine has moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico in December 2004 she has broadened her previous experience as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and became a PADI Staff Instructor, a Emergency First Response Instructor, a DAN Advanced O2 Instructor. She is very proud that after becoming a cave diver in 2006, she continued her career into the technical diving world of cave diving and is at the moment an active TDI instructor for cave, sidemount, intro-to-tech and nitrox courses.

Originally from Germany, she was trained as a foreign language assistant and has a degree in business administration and she has a strong interest in biology that she also studied at university for a while. The desire to change and get away from Germany made her leave her home already in 2001 and after travelling for some time, she settled in Mexico. She has acquired profound knowledge about the area while ocean, cavern and cave diving and she has a personal policy of continuing her education and furthering her skills regularly.

When Christine isn’t teaching or diving, she works on various projects such as exploration of virgin cenotes, a documentation of life in the cenotes and caves (in German, as there is a lot of information available in English but few in German only) and non diving projects such as being an active volunteer in some street animal rescue programs of Playa del Carmen and the area. She is also in charge of getting you the perfect instructor/ guide should she not be available personally for your visit.

The Business:

Customer service and the flexibility to adapt to the changing conditions such as weather conditions but also the diving plans of our customers, were the key factors why we decided to set up our business as a small operation. You will get to know your instructor as your personal trainer, very much alike you know it maybe from home with your personal fitness coach or your personal counselor. We dedicate our time to you and help you to make your diving vacation an unforgettable experience and adventure. The administrative office is located in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico. We are accredited by APSA, the Rivieran Maya Watersport Association and we have contracts with the SSS Hyperbaric Chamber in Playa del Carmen for diving related and other medical emergencies and affiliations to several renowned dive shops. All necessary permits and insurances are up to date.
Christine markets her technical diving business at www.diving-caves.com and her recreational diving and other projects at www.marenostrum.ws.

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